Interview with Professor Kipnis, who has been teaching at Truman for almost three years.



            What is Nursing?  Nursing is about assisting human beings to an optimal level of adaptation and that can be physically and emotionally itís a very holistic view. Itís not just helping them get from a blood pressure of 200/100 their looking at the whole person. Thereís a true science to it and thereís a real art to it and itís very humanistic. There are some things that are factual and research stage and come back engineering, there are more abstract, some are even spiritual and you canít even put your hands on it, thatís a part of nursing experience for me. Taking care of a patient physical needs, there are other needs as well: social, economics, and mental needs.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nursing?

 Everything in life thereís a plus and a minus. At least for me, Iím very aware of how fortunate I am to be healthy. So to me itís a daily reminder of the blessings to be alive and have a perfect good health. I like working with people and this is an advantage for me. I like interacting with people and thatís a plus for me. Itís a clichť but we can really make a difference, and if thatís a value to you then you make a difference being a nurse. Thereís a lot of flexibility being a nurse in terms of different roles of nursing, you can be everything from a bedside nurse, a researcher, a nurse practitioner, and to an educator. Itís endless what nurses can do because there are lots of nursesí roles and itís very fordable if you have to pack and go to California, youíre good to go. Youíre always changing and that youíre always learning something new. The downside of it, if your conscientious it can be physically and emotionally tiring  because you can see some sad things everyday and although itís a part of life I myself canít work in pediatrics, or oncology, or people in hospice who are dying. I canít work with sick kids.  I can deal with older people, but younger people can be emotionally draining for me and I considered that as one of the biggest downside.

What discipline is needed to be a nurse?

The actual discipline is organizational skill is very important, nursing is not a job or an occupation, mentally youíre giving a lot of yourself. You need to be smart to be nurse. Nursing program is very difficult and it is not easy. There are hard curriculums and to be a good nurse you have to be disciplined.

Why is Truman College the best school for Nursing program?

There is nursing shortage of faculty at Truman College right now, but the reason I chose Truman College is because they demonstrated a good teamwork. Truman has a high ranking in term of state board exams  than the normal  national average. The faculty is  very stable and we work together very well in terms of  leadership and we get a lot of support from each other.  The second reason is the diversity of the students in the school, plus the students that come here are very dedicated in general. They work hard because they wanted to succeed. My first degree is a two year degree, so I support a two year degree program that is being offered here at Truman College. If you pass the national exam at first you will be registered nurse and then after that you can continue to a bachelorís degree which is a bridge program.

What are the requirements to get into the program?

To get into nursing program we look at the grade point average, letters of recommendation, and the criteria for a student to get in. This year we took 90 students in freshmen year and in sophomore year approximately about (100). Often when students graduate they end up working in a hospital setting because thatís how they were taught in class. 

What advice can u give to a student who wants to pursue nursing?

Advice I can give is first of all to enjoy being a nurse because itís a great career a great profession. Never stop learning always seek to learn more because thereís always more information out there. Always be willing to teach others, and always remember to be a team player. In health care every person on the team is equally important we just have different roles. We have to view everyone as an important person whether itís the doctor, dietician, CNA, and if you work with everyone harmoniously then youíre giving the patient and yourself a favor to give an excellent service.