smart calc


I would like to begin by thanking the students who helped me with this project. It started out as programming assignments for students in Engineering 190, Introduction to Programming for Engineers. Subsequently I asked students in Math 99, 118, 125 and 140 to use the calculators and provide us with feedback. Students had complained that the Math curriculum spends too much time teaching process instead of concept and teaching archaic skills such as looking up cumulative distribution function values in a table. Both of these issues are eliminated by using a smart calculator.

The programs are written in Javascript instead of some other programming language like Python, C++ or Java because it is currently the most universal language. It works on every O/S from Windows to Linux to MAC to Android. All it needs is a browser like IE or Safari or FireFox or Chrome or Opera. It doesn't matter whether you are using a desktop, a laptop, a netbook, a pad or a smart phone. Students don't have to install any software. They can be writing working programs from the very first class meeting.